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22nd Dec 2017

The blue passports are back but there’s one glaring issue

Carl Kinsella

The Sun newspaper has described it as a “stunning Brexit victory for The Sun.”

Seriously. They also described the blue passports as “iconic,” God love them.

Since the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU in June 2016, the whole thing has been a bit of an unmitigated disaster. David Cameron has resigned, Theresa May’s majority in government has been cut to ribbons, there are constant disputes over what’s going to happen with Northern Ireland, and the pound is significantly weaker than it was before the Brexit referendum.

However, some hardline leavers are now celebrating a major win over the EU. British citizens are set to get their blue passports back, rather than using the boring old burgundy ones that are used by the rest of the EU.

Needless to say, Twitter has torn strips off anyone celebrating this totally nonsense “victory” and pointed out that while the passport may be blue, it’s nowhere near as useful as having, well, an EU passport.

There’s one glaring issue with this so-called “victory”. Some commentators have pointed out that the burgundy colour of most EU passports is not even mandated by the EU. For example, Croatia currently issues blue passports.