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08th Apr 2015

British company testing revolutionary ‘hypersonic’ jet engine

Reaction Engines want to cut flight time to the Far East to three hours...


London to New York in 58 minutes anyone?

A British company is testing ‘hypersonic’ jet engines which could allow passenger aircraft that to travel at up to Mach 5 (762mph).

Reaction Engines is the latest company to tackle the challenge of hypersonic travel and plans for a plane that could cut long-haul flights to places like Hong Kong to around three hours.

So, you could be in the Far East in less time than it takes to get from London Kings Cross to Newcastle.

US space agency Nasa is also reportedly working on next generation air liners to develop sleek and ‘quiet’ aircraft that would overcome the current ban on supersonic flight over land.

Image and video: Reaction Engines Limited