Britain can look forward to some fine weather in the coming weeks 3 years ago

Britain can look forward to some fine weather in the coming weeks

We're in for some decent weather...

Ice-creams, suncream and inflatable hot tubs at the ready, guys, because a heatwave's a'coming and you might as well embrace it.


After bad weather and thunderstorms terrorised Britain over the past week, we can now look forward to a sizzler of a month, as thermostats bubble nearer and nearer to 30C just in time for the start of the World Cup.

Some forecasters have predicted a heatwave throughout June. And James Madden, forecaster for Exacta Weather, told the Express that today's fine weather would continue until at least mid-June.

He said: “Forecasts into the start of the meteorological summer reveal a settled pattern of  warm to hot temperatures with no give until at least mid-June.

“We expect it to turn increasingly warmer through the first week of the month with many parts of the country basking in temperatures in the mid 20Cs.

“It could be rather muggy and humid with some variable cloud cover, but when the sun does come out it will feel extremely hot as summer gets underway.”

A Met Office spokesperson added to that: "The next week or so we should see average and above average temperatures in the low to mid 20s - on the warmer side of things - with highs of 26/27C in some places."