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05th Jan 2017

More than two thirds of Britons are braced for a ‘major’ terror attack this year

Concerning figures.

Tom Victor

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s been quite a bit of awful stuff going on in the world of late.

Death, destruction and the rise of certain politicians and groups have people worried for their lives, quite literally in some cases.

According to a new poll from YouGov, more than two thirds of Brits surveyed believe the world is at serious risk of a ‘major’ terror attack before 2017 is up.

Oh, and the majority of those taking part in the survey believe we’re substantially closer to world war than world peace, which doesn’t exactly make for reassuring reading.

The survey, which YouGov stresses was carried out before the Berlin Christmas market attack last month, notes that France is the only major Western power whose citizens are more ‘braced’ for a terror attack than those of the UK, with 81%.

Indeed, more than a third of French citizens surveyed believe such an attack is ‘very likely’ – a viewpoint which can perhaps be explained with the context of the attacks in Paris and Nice over the course of the last 14 months.

More than half of Germans (60%), Americans (59%) and Swedes (52%) surveyed are similarly braced for a significant act of terror this year, though the figure is below 50% for Denmark, Norway and Finland.