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30th Nov 2016

Eric Bristow’s manager allegedly wanted large fee for darts champ to discuss child abuse tweets on TV

A BBC journalist tweeted how much his manager apparently wanted.

Mike Wright

Eric Bristow’s manager has allegedly asked for money for the darts player to appear on TV to talk about his offensive tweets referring to victims of sex abuse in football as ‘wimps’.

A BBC sports journalist Richard Conway has tweeted that the five-time world darts champion’s manger wanted £5,000 plus VAT for an appearance. A fee he says the BBC refused to pay.

Bristow has been on the defensive since sending out a flurry of tweets on Monday evening suggesting the victims of the unfolding sexual abuse scandal were ‘wimps’ and not ‘proper men’ if they didn’t find their abusers as adults and exact ‘sort them out’.

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Following the Tweets Bristow was dropped by Sky as a pundit for the darts.

This morning Bristow released a statement via Twitter apologising, but also seemingly acknowledging that money had been offered and received for his appearances discussing the tweets.

He added he would be donating any money from his interviews to a ‘relevant charity’.