Significant breakthrough made in Brexit negotiations as clock ticks down 1 year ago

Significant breakthrough made in Brexit negotiations as clock ticks down

I preferred the days when Brexit wasn't a word

A major breakthrough has been made in the Brexit negotiations between the United Kingdom and the European Union as the clock ticks down with a deal still not formally agreed.


The Guardian are reporting that this breakthrough concerns fishing waters, claiming the two sides have agreed terms on the extent to which EU boats will have access to seas within the UK’s 200-mile exclusive economic zone.

However, there will of course be a transition period of between five and seven years for phasing in changes. It never ends, does it?

The biggest matter of contention in these negotiations seems to be the "rachet clause" which concerns environmental, social and labour standards. If the UK does not agree to follow EU standards, they would be made to face tariffs on British exports.


The EU's chief negotiator Michel Barnier has reportedly been told by Germany and France's leaders that the UK must face consequences for any future divergence from EU laws as policies are updated.

Sources have told the Guardian the UK are holding firm on this front, saying talks would collapse unless the EU drops this demand in the next two days.

British prime minister Boris Johnson will talk to the European commission president, Ursula von der Leyen, on Monday evening.

EU negotiator David Frost told reporters “We’re going to be working very hard to try to get a deal,” on Sunday after negotiations were paused on Friday due to a stalemate over rules to ensure fair competition, fishing access in UK waters and a system for dispute resolution.


“We’re going to see what happens in negotiations today and we will be looking forward to meeting our European colleagues later this afternoon.”