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18th Aug 2021

Brave Afghan women stand up to Taliban in street protests

Charlie Herbert

Afghan women protest against the Taliban

‘No force can ignore and stifle women.’

A group of Afghan women have been praised for their bravery in the face of the Taliban takeover as they took to the streets to protest against the Islamist militants.

Four women dressed in black abayas and hijabs were filmed holding up signs and chanting “we want our rights” as part of the demonstration in the Afghan capital of Kabul.

In a separate video, the women held the signs in the faces of Taliban fighters.

In the footage, there seems to be little attempt from any of the militants watching to end the protest.

After the Taliban takeover of Kabul and the country of Afghanistan, there are growing fears for women’s rights in the country.

But since coming to power, representatives of the group have claimed that they will be respecting women’s rights.

Translating what the four women were chanting, Al Jazeera correspondent Hameed Mohammad Shah tweeted: “Taliban: We want our rights, here are women, we want social security, the ban on work, the right to education and the right to political participation.

“No force can ignore and stifle women. All our achievements over the years should not be compromised and our basic rights!”

Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad tweeted a separate clip of the Afghan women, writing that they are asking for “their rights, the right to work, the right for education and the right to political participation.”

Despite the claims for Taliban leaders that they will honour the rights “that Islam gave [women],” many don’t believe these claims and reports are emerging of violence towards females.

On Tuesday, Fox News reported that a woman had been shot and killed for leaving the house without wearing a burqa, whilst there are reports that Taliban members have been going from door to door in neighbourhoods, targeting women.

Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen told Sky News that women will be expected to wear the hijab but not the burka in Afghanistan, saying that it is “for their security.”

Meanwhile, another spokesperson for the group, Zabihullah Mujahid said in a news conference that Afghan women would be allowed to “work and study within our frameworks,” and would be “very active within our society.”

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