Piers Morgan berates Tory MP over UK's Covid-19 death rate 1 month ago

Piers Morgan berates Tory MP over UK's Covid-19 death rate

A reminder that we are now roughly 10 months into this pandemic

A Tory minister has claimed that it is too early to make international comparisons on Covid-19 death rates, as the United Kingdom became the country with the worst death rate in the world from the virus.

An average of almost 1,000 people per day died from Covid-19 in the United Kingdom in the week leading up to Monday, which comes to 16.54 Covid deaths per million people.

Northern Ireland secretary Brandon Lewis was appearing on Good Morning Britain, where he was challenged by Piers Morgan on the United Kingdom's death rate.

Asked by host Susanna Reid why the UK's death rate is the worst on earth, Lewis said he felt it was "too early" to draw a direct comparison on the numbers.

"It's too early to do those kinds of comparisons," he said.

Morgan interjected: "Sorry, I'm really sorry, but you can't all come on this programme every morning and boast about how well we're doing in comparison to other countries with the vaccine and then refuse to be challenged on why we're doing so badly on death rate.

"As a government who have spent the last three weeks giving us direct comparisons on the vaccine. You've got every right to say we're doing very well but please don't tell me you're not in the business of direct comparisons!"

Almost a year since the first Covid death in Britain, the death rate is higher now than it was at the height of the first wave back in April 2020.

The Czech Republic had held the top spot in the death rate league table since January 11, but data released on Sunday saw the UK pip them to first place despite the current lockdown measures. World beating indeed.