Boris Johnson's 'anti-corruption champion' John Penrose has resigned 2 months ago

Boris Johnson's 'anti-corruption champion' John Penrose has resigned

The MP said the Prime Minister "has broken the ministerial code"

Boris Johnson's "anti-corruption champion" John Penrose has resigned citing a “fundamental breach of the ministerial code”.


The MP for Weston-super-Mare said the Prime Minister had broken the code in a "very material way".

In a blistering letter made public on Monday morning, he said "I’m sorry to have to resign as the PM’s Anti-Corruption Tsar but, after his reply last week about the Ministerial Code, it’s pretty clear he has broken it.

"That’s a resigning matter for me, and it should be for the PM too."


Speaking to Sky News, Penrose said: “one of the fundamental principles of the ministerial code which every minister, including the prime minister, is expected to follow, ‘leadership’ and ‘integrity.’

"Those are core. Those are part of the seven principles of public life.

"He’s broken both of those".


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