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15th Nov 2021

PM urges public to wear face masks, forgets he ignored plea at hospital last week

Ava Evans

Boris Johnson has once again failed to uphold some semblance of consistency on mask wearing

Boris Johnson has urged people to wear face masks in crowded settings despite being criticised for not wearing one himself.

The Prime Minister said on Monday that he would “wear a mask where the rules say I should”, presumably forgetting he had been told three separate times to wear a mask when he visited a hospital last week.

Downing Street press conference

During a visit to Hexham General Hospital on November 8, Johnson was pictured speaking to staff who were all wearing masks – something he had opted not to wear.

Official hospital guidance requires all visitors to wear a face-covering at all times “to protect patients, visitors, and staff”.

It reads: “We urge you to bring your own face covering, whether bought or home-made, however, masks will be available if you do not have one. 

“Please do not remove it unless advised to do so by a medical professional. Try to ensure you have no gaps in the sides of your face covering and avoid touching it.”

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Johnson made the comments at a Downing Street press conference, following the announcement that all over-40s can now get a Covid-booster jab.

Flanked by professor Chris Whitty, the government’s chief medical adviser, and Sir Patrick Vallance, its chief scientific adviser, Johnson warned the UK “cannot afford to be complacent” about rising Covid cases.

He said the UK “must remain vigilant” and encouraged all over-40s to get booster jabs.

Studies have shown the vaccine wanes in efficacy as time goes on meaning a third, booster jab is vital in the government’s fight against Covid.

As cases continue to rise throughout Europe, Johnson said there was nothing in the current set of data to indicate England should move into “Plan B” of the Coronavirus plan.

However, he was unable to confirm he would not impose a national lockdown this Christmas.