Boris Johnson jokes that his 'rule of six' is a good way to avoid your in-laws 1 year ago

Boris Johnson jokes that his 'rule of six' is a good way to avoid your in-laws

Boris' next job could be on Mock The Week. He just doesn't know it yet.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson reportedly joked that his 'rule of six' could be a good way of avoiding your in-laws over Christmas.


UK government legislation currently prohibits more than six people from congregating in one household - a measure taken to try and stop a second wave of the coronavirus from spreading.

Boris Johnson is believed to have cracked a couple of jokes during a private Zoom call between Tory MPs earlier today. He held the online meeting to try and win back some support from rank-and-file Conservatives.

However, Bloomberg report that not all of the Prime Minister's jokes landed.


Boris apparently told former Prime Minister Theresa May that business owners and entrepreneurs couldn't attend the SAGE meeting of scientific advisers as it was reserved for... wait for it - scientists.

Guess you had to be there.

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He then added that involving businesspeople in SAGE meetings would make the committee B-SAGE, which is, *checks notes* apparently meant to rhyme with the word beige.

It would probably make more sense if the punchline was 'besiege'.

Either way, the Prime Minister might be waiting a while for a slot at the Hammersmith Apollo. Even when it reopens.

It's been an eventful day for Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party.


First, Labour leader Keir Starmer stated that the country should go into a two or three week complete national lockdown, to quash any chances of a second wave of coronavirus crippling the country.

Then, Tory MP Chris Green resigned from his position in government due to its handling of local lockdowns in the North West.

Green, Member of Parliament for Bolton West and Atherton, said: "The Bolton lockdown has clearly not worked, and I believe that the cure is worse than the disease, so I have stepped down from my role as Parliamentary Private Secretary."