Boris Johnson: MPs do not deserve pay rise 1 year ago

Boris Johnson: MPs do not deserve pay rise

Hancock could not say the same on TV this morning

Boris Johnson does not believe members of parliament should take a pay rise in the current circumstances.


"MPs' salaries are obviously decided by an independent body but given the circumstances, the PM doesn't believe MPs should be receiving a pay rise," the prime minister's spokesman told reporters.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) oversees MPs' pay rises and has proposed continuing to link them to public sector growth.

But with chancellor Rishi Sunak expected to announce a freeze on wages for millions of public sector workers, including the nurses and doctors who have felt the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, No. 10 have said the PM doesn't believe it would be appropriate for MPs to receive a pay rise in these circumstances.

That is more than health secretary Matt Hancock could manage on Good Morning Britain on Monday morning.

Asked on numerous occasions to say whether or not he would accept a pay rise, Hancock could not give a definite answer, instead trying to appease Piers Morgan by promising to go on GMB again.