Boris Johnson loses polling lead amid accusations of "sleaze" and "corruption" 2 months ago

Boris Johnson loses polling lead amid accusations of "sleaze" and "corruption"

For the first time since Boris Johnson took office the Conservatives have lost their polling lead over Labour

Following a week marred by allegations of corruption, a majority of adults in Britain do not believe Boris Johnson has what it takes to be a good Prime Minister.


According an IpsosMORI poll for The Evening Standard, Johnson's personal ratings have plummeted to their lowest ever rating since he entered Number 10 in 2019.

The survey shows the Conservatives on 35 per cent, down four points on September. Labour remain unchanged on 36 per cent, while the Greens are up five points to 11 per cent and Liberal Democrats remain on nine per cent.

In terms of "satisfaction", sixty-one per cent of people polled say they are 'dissatisfied' with Johnson. It is the lowest the PM has polled since he pulled the country into a second lockdown last October.

The government as a whole fares even worse, with 62 per cent dissatisfied with their overall performance. Nearly half of adults polled say the government is handling the covid-19 pandemic badly, up 12 points on September.


However, the dreadful polling has not been the godsend Labour would be hoping for, with Sir Keir Starmer failing to have capitalised on Johnson's shortcomings.

A mere 25 per cent of adults polled believe Sir Keir has what it takes to make a good Prime Minister, with nearly half of voters expressing dissatisfaction with the current Labour leader.

A majority of the fieldwork for the poll was completed before the Owen Paterson scandal erupted, though some polling took place over the past weekend.

The results follow a disastrous week in politics for Boris Johnson, whose government has been marred by accusations of "sleaze" and "corruption".

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