Bomb found under car of police officer as Northern Ireland unrest continues 1 month ago

Bomb found under car of police officer as Northern Ireland unrest continues

A bomb has been found after it was planted beneath the car of a serving PSNI officer

What has been described as a 'viable' bomb has been found, according to the Northern Ireland police force. The device was found on Monday in Dungiven, a town near Derry, Reuters reports.


The device was found before it could detonate and cause any damage, though it was reportedly placed at her home nearby a family farm.

First Minister Arlene Foster has condemned the attempted attack in a statement.

She said:

"I have spoken to the police officer who was targeted by terrorists last night in County Londonderry.I wanted to convey our support and utter condemnation of those who sought to harm her and her family.


"Reckless and futile. We salute her bravery and long service to our community.There will be political disagreements, but Northern Ireland must keep moving forward. We will not be dragged back to bombs & bullets.

"To the republicans who sought to murder this young mother, your campaign is futile, you will never succeed and whilst there may always be different political views in Northern Ireland, we will keep moving forward and we will not be dragged back by bombers or those who would seek to use the gun to get their own political way."

Cara Hunter, a member of the Legislative Assembly, has also condemned the attempted attack, saying nobody should "live in fear of going to work".

Work is reportedly being carried out to determine who was behind the placing of the bomb.

Sinn Fein MLA Gerry Kelly decried the attempted attack as "disgraceful".


"Those involved in this attack will not succeed in their regressive and toxic agenda," he said. "All politicians must unite against these reckless actions."