Black Lives Matter protestor Patrick Hutchinson immortalised with bronze sculpture 1 year ago

Black Lives Matter protestor Patrick Hutchinson immortalised with bronze sculpture

The powerful image went viral across the world

Black Lives Matter protester Patrick Hutchinson has been immortalised with the creation of a bronze sculpture in his name.


Hutchinson gained worldwide publicity back in June 2020 when he carried an injured far-right protestor to safety. The man had been injured when counter-protesting a Black Lives Matter march in Central London.

Out of fear for the man's wellbeing, Hutchinson picked him up and put him on his shoulder - carrying him to safety, away from hordes of protestors and police.

Hutchinson was lauded as a hero, though he has consistently downplayed this label.

In an Instagram post, he said the creation of the bronze sculpture brought to life the "moment where we just did what we felt was right".

The personal trainer and calisthenics coach added that the moment "will be preserved for generations to come in this breathtaking bronze".


Hector Guest, the sculptor who created the artwork, said: "I was immediately struck by this truly inspirational act, an example of how humanity should be and believe this image will be a defining moment in our history."

In an interview with GQ magazine, Hutchinson said he was motivated to attend the Black Lives Matter protests by events in America.

"When George Floyd was killed it was a real poignant moment, when it was like, enough is enough.

"You know, something's got to be done now, because how many more of us are going to be killed? And we will sit by and act as if it's just another everyday thing."


He added: "One of the reasons we were [at the Black Lives Matter rallies] was to protect and oversee and to stop the young people doing things they may regret.

"Because once they've done that thing and they go in front of the justice system, they're not going to be fairly treated. We know that."