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21st Sep 2022

Beckhams submit plans for new security cabin following a number of worrying incidents

Jack Peat

Neighbours have backed the plans, saying it is needed in ‘troubled times’ 

David and Victoria Beckham’s neighbours have backed their plans for a new security cabin – to deter “undesirable elements from venturing into our lovely little village” and allow them to sleep at night.

The celebrity duo are seeking planning permission to beef up their safety measures in response to a number of incidents – including a break in at their London-home and being targeted by a crazed stalker.

In response, they want to build a new cabin at their £6m Cotswolds home.

The application is currently under consideration by West Oxfordshire District Council.

But in documents relating to it one neighbour said she supported the need for the cabin – amid “troubled times.”

The neighbour said: “I feel I must add my support to this proposal. During these troubled times, I feel that any extra-security measures are welcome and will deter undesirable elements from venturing into our lovely little village.

“I know the householders are high-profile people and I hope this security building can be allowed to help them sleep safely at night.”

Planning documents said the Beckhams intend to build the cabin alongside another outbuilding that will be used as a gardeners’ store at their home on the Great Tew Estate.

The design and access statement submitted to West Oxfordshire District Council said the proposed timber security cabin would be at the back of the existing garage and on the east side of the drive approaching the property.

Documents state: “The position is at the threshold of the grounds immediately around the house and therefore ideal for monitoring access and deliveries.”

The celebrity couple also own a £40million mansion in West London, which was broken into in February while the couple were at home, with “thousands of pounds” worth of items stolen.

Mr and Mrs Beckham were said to be “shaken” to the extent that they ordered a review of the London mansion’s security.

The Beckham family are also said to have feared for their safety following a ‘stalker’ incident when an obsessed fan tried to pick their daughter Harper up from school.

Sharon Bell, 58, was under the delusional belief that she was in a relationship with the former Manchester United and England footballer, that he and wife Victoria Beckham stole her eggs, and that their daughter is her legitimate child.

Bell sent a handwritten letter to the Beckhams’ Oxfordshire home telling him she planned to attend the property days later.

“I have got your address from a detective agency, I hope you don’t mind. I have feelings for you, David,” it read.

“Victoria owes me some money, David, as she said she’s been robbing my bank account for years, which isn’t very nice. I would appreciate it if she wasn’t there.”

Bell left after being told by security it was the wrong address.

In July Bell was charged with harassing David Beckham in a five-year campaign.

At Westminster Magistrates Court, District Judge Michael Snow said he was satisfied she had carried out stalking and made an order to detain Bell, in court by video-link, under the Mental Health Act.

Victoria Beckham told the court her daughter Harper had been left afraid to leave her home by the stalker.

Earlier this year, they were also granted planning permission for a log store at their Cotswolds home – despite fears over its environmental impact.

They wanted to add the dry wood store to already approved additions to their Cotswolds retreat for cosy nights in front of a roaring fire.

Planners gave the green-light to the proposal despite the Beckham’s being accused of “flying in the face” of the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.

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