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24th Jul 2018

BBC weatherman discovers it’s over 100ºF on the tube and it’s going to get even hotter

James Dawson

The heatwave is going underground

As somebody who moved to London at the beginning of 2018 and therefore as somebody who had never before experienced the apocalyptic hell that is travelling via the capital’s tube system in summer until this year, let me just emphasise for all non-Londoners how awful it is.

It’s really fucking awful. Sure, the heatwave can be bad when you’re outdoors, but at least that’s out amongst fresh air, not squashed together beneath the very earth itself. Your face in another four people’s faces. Your arms cramped unable to move. Your glasses steaming up. Your mouth dry. Your mind focused only on escape. Beads of sweat running down your forehead.

It’s hot down there, is what I’m saying, and uncomfortable.

And while the Met Office has said we could see temperatures of up to 35C by the end of the week, a BBC weatherman has discovered that down there below the surface it gets even hotter.

BBC presenter John Hammond took a thermometer on the London Underground’s Piccadilly Line and discovered it was 39.4C down there. That’s 102.92 degrees Fahrenheit.

Watch him here…

All of this means that with temperatures set to rise even further as the week goes on – and heatwave warnings already in place – it could get above 40C down there.

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge said: “The heat this week is going to be highest in the south and south-east of the UK. We are going to see a gradual increase in the temperature through the week as warm air arrives in Britain from the south of Spain.

“It will be around 31C on Monday, followed by 31/32C on Tuesday and then could see temperatures of up to 34/35C on Wednesday and Thursday – higher than 33C which is the hottest recorded temperature this year. In fact, we could see the hottest day for three years.”