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09th Jun 2017

BBC reporter drops C-Bomb during coverage of general election

It was a long shift

Darragh Murphy

It was a crazy night.

For those of us following along with the dramatic general election exit poll results on television and social media, it was exhausting enough coming to terms with the tornado of emotions that accompanied news that Theresa May’s call for a snap election blew up in her face.

But having to cover the shock results live on air would take anybody off their game, given the chaotic nature of the news.

So we can’t really hold it against BBC News political editor Laura Kuenssberg’s slip of the tongue when she discussed the possibility of a recount in Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron’s constituency.

C-bombs are not often heard on the Beeb but if ever there was an evening for it, it was Thursday.

“Tim Farron the current party leader is facing potential defeat,” Kuenssberg said. “There’s chatter there about a recunt.”

Now we don’t know how likely a recunt is, or even what a recunt is but it inspired quite a popular hashtag as the wee hours of Friday morning arrived.