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14th Apr 2015

Bad news: Asteroid the size of Statue of Liberty hurtling towards Earth

Everybody stay calm...

Ben Kenyon

Somebody better call Bruce Willis.

We could have Armageddon 2 on our hands here.

Scientists say there’s an asteroid the size of the bloody Statue of Liberty careering towards earth.

You might as well tell your boss what you think of him. And that guy you don’t like next door.

What? It’s not actually that bad? Oh, okay. *Stops shrieking in terror and climbs out from under the desk.

angry animated GIF

The space rock is believed to be anywhere between 10m and 40m in diameter and could be on a collision course with Earth.

But apparently at the smaller end of the scale it would barely register and at 40m it would probably just make a small crater.

Also there’s like a one in a million chance of it actually hitting Earth unlike┬áthe meteor strike in Russia in 2013 where more than 1,000 people were injured.

You might want to apologise to your boss now. Sorry.

(H/T: Daily Mirror)