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01st May 2020

Attacked for debunking the COVID-19 5G conspiracy theory

Josh Kaplan

5g conspiracy theory

Is there a link between 5G technology and COVID-19?

No is the answer to that question. There is no scientific evidence that 5G technology is in any way linked to the spread of COVID-19 and the pandemic we’re all experiencing, nor is there any evidence that a virus such as this can be spread via airwaves.

Despite all of this, and despite regular statements from the telecommunications industry and authorities refuting this 5G conspiracy theory, it continues to be believed by people.

Alon Aviram is a co-founder, reporter and editor at The Bristol Cable, an independent media company founded in Bristol in 2014.

Bristol has something of a burgeoning 5G conspiracy community – one which is relatively small but, as Aviram says himself, has an “outsized digital influence”.

After infiltrating online forums and social media accounts, Aviram investigated a group which has burned phone masts serving the Nightingale hospital in Birmingham, and found himself attacked for his attempts to debunk the theory.

He spoke to JOE about his attempts to debunk the conspiracy, the backlash, and why those who believe the theory are unlikely to listen to refutations from authorities.