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25th May 2017

Army bomb disposal unit deployed to college in Greater Manchester

Rich Cooper

This story has been updated.

The army have been sent to respond to an incident at a college in Trafford, Greater Manchester.

Police responded to a call at the college, closing a number of roads int he local area. Soon after, Greater Manchester police confirmed that the army were also attending.

The nature of the situation is not yet known, nor is it established if this is in relation to the investigation of the Manchester Arena attack.

Reports say that police were heard shouting “take cover”.


Greater Manchester Police have now confirmed that there was a cordon in Hulme, not Trafford, relating to a suspicious package. The situation has now been deemed safe and the cordon has been removed.

Further to this, a man has been arrested in Hulme. Police say that the arrest was not directly linked with the attack on Monday.

This is a developing story.