Anti-vaxxers are fuming about Krispy Kreme's free doughnut offer 8 months ago

Anti-vaxxers are fuming about Krispy Kreme's free doughnut offer

No, seriously, they even get upset over doughnuts now.

Sorry, donuts* for you Americans.


In what we think is a quite positive, wholesome and clever little marketing idea, Krispy Kreme are handing out free doughnuts to people who have got their Covid vaccinations. Good idea, right?

Well, unsurprisingly, it seemed to have boiled a whole load of piss over in the anti-vaxxers camp. Krispy Kreme shared the news across social media but its their Facebook post where it really went down a treat. As you can expect, the comments didn't disappoint.

"Good to know where Krispy Kreme stands on politics. I’m happy to stay away and give my money to a business that does not promote vaccinations that aren’t even approved yet by the FDA". That one was from a registered nurse, by the way.

“Wow KK, I didn’t know you were discriminating against people who feel it’s their body, their choice to not get a rushed experimental shot from the government!? That’s like saying if you are straight you get a free donut!” This one left us with a glazed expression...


“Would you like the unvaccinated to wear a yellow star on their chest? Since you've decided to stray into an area that has nothing to do with your actual business I'd like to know how far you're willing to go.” Honestly, someone typed that out, had time to rethink and then posted it anyway.

Some more intelligent people stated the obvious: "Get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine. That’s your choice. It’s also KK’s choice to give away a free donut to those who did get the vaccine". Hole in one, Amy!

We particularly like this one: "Oh the butthurt on this post. Restaurants and shops often give free item cards to blood donation places that are only given to those who donate blood. You can't go to the Medic bus and get it without donating. This isn't any different." Libby knows the deal.

It continues to baffle how quickly the anti-vaxx brigade are willing to try to put themselves centre stage. Nobody is forcing you to go and get a free doughnut - you weren't promised one yesterday before someone cruelly snatched it out of your hands. It's a little promotional perk for those who did get the shot, that's it.

The scientific community continues to run rings around the conspiracy theorists that apparently know more than they do. We doughnut how many times we have to tell you this: the vaccine is safe.


It remains to be seen whether UK branches of Krispy Kreme will follow suit and started handing out their doughnut delights, but we certainly hope so. Not only is it a great little idea but we can't wait to hear everyone's uncle's best mate's 'butthurt' opinion on Facebook. Am I using that right?...