Anti-lockdown protesters demand end to lockdown on day lockdown ends 6 months ago

Anti-lockdown protesters demand end to lockdown on day lockdown ends

Protest calls for Boris to be banged up

There are thousands of memes out there that troll lockdown protests and anti-mask/anti-vaxx people. But today, there was no need for memes because they trolled themselves. Queue the "pick me" protest behaviour.


Thousands of protesters gathered outside Parliament this morning to protest for an end to lockdown, despite restrictions being lifted the same day. Perhaps their lives have been so consumed by not wearing a piece of fabric on their face that they forgot to update their calendars?

Signs reading 'leave our DNA alone', 'unity is freedom' and 'it's not a pandemic, it's an IQ test' were among the most noticeable. But in some ways, it is an IQ test, and they failed.

Metro reports that everyone's reasoning for protesting was different. Some were there to protest covid related fines, others the vaccine, and some were calling for the arrest of Boris Johnson.

The crowd reportedly shouted 'shame on police’ and 'arrest Boris' as authorities arrived. One angry protestor even demanded to be let into Parliament as paying taxes make it his land to enter into.


'Hang Traitors' read a sign held by a woman wearing a tank top reading 'conspiracy realist.'

Another sign compares the UK government to that of Nazi Germany.

"People shouting "Arrest Boris Johnson" are these the same twats who voted for him???" writes Mrs Peel. Yet still, people are calling for his arrest for "crimes against humanity" which let's be honest, is a bit of a push.

In other protest news, there is currently a protest against military dictatorship on Myanmar Martyrs' Day, which sees thousands protest over valid reasoning and not about a vaccine that is entirely voluntary...

The PM is due to hold a press conference at 5 pm today, from self-isolation, about how the country will move forward with the roadmap.