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31st Dec 2021

Anger after BBC interview Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother pleading her innocence

Charlie Herbert

BBC sparks anger after interviewing Ghislaine Maxwell's brother

Ian Maxwell was interviewed by Radio 4 on Friday morning

The BBC has sparked fury after interviewing the brother of convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

On Wednesday, a jury found Ghislaine Maxwell guilty of five sex trafficking charges. She has faced accusations of ‘recruiting underage girls’ for her then-boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein to sexually abuse.

Maxwell now faces up to 65 years behind bars.

But on Friday morning, the BBC interviewed her brother, Ian Maxwell, giving him the opportunity to plead his sister’s innocence and claim that the victims that had given testimonies during the trial were lying.

The decision to interview her brother on Friday’s edition of the Today programme was criticised by many on Twitter.

SNP MP John Nicolson described it as “odd”, saying it provided Ian Maxwell with a “lengthy opportunity” to claim the Ghislaine’s victims were lying.

Several others wondered whether the BBC would choose to interview the family members of any other convicted sex offender and give them airtime to protest their relative’s innocence.

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Another user said that interviewing Ian Maxwell was an example of “class bias” and a “prioritizing of ‘balance’ so that a jury verdict has no more weight than some guy’s opinion.”

It comes after the broadcaster had to apologise for interviewing Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-lawyer in the aftermath of the Maxwell’s guilty verdict.

The BBC admitted that Alan Dershowitz, the man who used to be Jeffrey Epstein’s lawyer and has himself been accused of sexual abuse by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, was not a “suitable person to interview as an impartial analyst”.

They added that they will now be investigating how Dershowitz was chosen as a person to interview.