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29th Jun 2022

Angela Rayner humiliates Dominic Raab over opera reference

Ava Evans

Brush up on your opera, Raab

Angela Rayner has told deputy prime minister Dominic Raab to “cut the snobbery” after he attacked her recent visit to Glyndebourne opera festival.

“My advice to the Deputy Prime Minister is to cut out the snobbery and brush up on his opera,” she said.

“The Marriage of Figaro is the story of a working-class woman who gets the better of a privileged but dim-witted villain.

“Judging by his own performance today, Dominic Raab could learn a lesson about opening up the arts to everyone, whatever their background.”

Earlier on Wednesday during Prime Minister’s Questions, Raab criticised Rayner for attending the Glyndebourne opera festival – arguing it was proof that “champagne socialism is back in the Labour party”.

“Where was she when the comrades were on the picket line last Thursday?” he asked, adding: “She was at the Glyndebourne music festival, sipping champagne.”

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