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21st Aug 2015

Americans are about to start shotgunning drones out of the sky with these…

This could get messy...

Ben Kenyon

If you find the prospect of drones hovering above your home creepy, then you’re not alone.

Americans are becoming increasingly paranoid about their privacy with the remote-controlled vehicles lurking above their neighbourhoods.

So one US company has come up with a pretty obvious solution…blast them out of the sky with guns. Yeehaa!

Idaho firm Snake River Shooting Products has developed a special drone-downing shell for your shotgun called Drone Munitions to gun the pesky things down.


The company has seized upon fears in the country that people are weaponising their quadcopters, and is selling their product under the tagline ‘Get ready for the drone apocalypse.’

One problem – it’s actually illegal under federal law to shoot down a drone, although the firm says Americans should have a right to defend themselves.

Still, you could do what these firemen did…

H/T Daily Mail