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29th May 2015

American quiz contestant gives the weirdest answer we’ve ever seen

Whatever you're into, mate...

Ben Kenyon

There’s thinking outside the box, and then there’s this…

One quiz contestant tried thinking on his feet to guess the answer on US show Jeopardy (where actually you are given the answer but have to guess the question.)

What he came up with has left us absolutely baffled. But it’s brilliant.

The answer was pretty tough: “A Christian hymn and a Jewish holiday hymn are both titled this, also the name of a 2009 Tony-nominated musical.”

Did contestant Choyon Manjrekar have a stab at something vaguely religious-sounding? Did he b*llocks.

“What is Kinky Boots” was his amazingly weird guess. Yup, us neither.

Don’t let him on Blankety-Blank, for God’s sake.

We thought we would just share this one with you too…

H/T i100