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27th Oct 2019

All Call Signs – These veterans are helping save their colleagues’ lives

Wayne Farry

The two friends set up their app to help those in need

According to indicative reports from charities, at least one British veteran takes their own life every five days.

Stephen James and Daniel Arnold met while serving in the Princess of Wales’s Royal Regiment together, and have been good friends ever since. Both have struggled with their mental health since leaving the armed forces.

Following the death of their friend and colleague Danny, the two decided to work together to save the lives of as many veterans as possible.

Through their app, All Call Signs, Stephen and Daniel have helped save the lives of 57 people. The app uses the infrastructure of Facebook Messenger to send out a Beacon which sends out an alert to members of the app and agencies in the specific area.

JOE spoke to the Stephen and Daniel about the work they do, and why it’s so important to them.