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23rd Mar 2022

Abandoned ‘gay’ dog adopted by gay owners and gets a whole new name

Kieran Galpin

Gay dog

Happy endings do exist!

Fezco the dog was abandoned because his owners thought he was gay, but after enormous coverage, Fezco has now been adopted by a gay couple.

After hearing his gut-wrenching story, North Carolina’s Steve Nichols and his lifelong partner John adopted the pooch on March 22. Having faced similar experiences, John and Steve already felt connected to the canine and adopted him.

Dubbing him “Oscar”, after iconic playwright and fellow gay Oscar Wilde, the two spoke to TMZ about their decision. Touching on Oscar’s health, the couple said he was not neutered and was suffering from heartworms, so he is now receiving the care he needs at a veterinary clinic.

And the story gets better. Alongside receiving the love and attention he needs from John and Steve, Oscar will also be joined by the pair’s current dog Harry, a Terrier-Chihuahua mix.

Oscar now has a band of loyal internet fans, with one stating: “I want to adopt this gay dog.”

Another hit the nail on the head: “Humans suck. Gay dogs are awesome.”

Previously a fan had foretold of Oscar’s rise; they tweeted: “The deranged owner gave this beautiful sweet dog a huge blessing by giving it up. Sounds like it would have been living with a nut.”

While dogs humping other dogs is widely considered natural behaviour, homosexuality in the animal kingdom has been identified in over 1,500 animals species.

Female Japanese Macaques have been seen partnering with other female monkeys even when a male is showing interest.

Other animals to exhibit gay tendencies include dolphins, lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, frogs, and Orcas.

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