Dog abandoned at animal shelter because owners thought he was gay 3 months ago

Dog abandoned at animal shelter because owners thought he was gay

The animal shelter has seen an onslaught of adoption applications

A dog in North Carolina was abandoned and sent to an animal shelter because its owner thought their puppy was gay, and yes, you read that right.


Fezco, a pooch from North Carolina whose breed is unknown, was abandoned in Stanly County after his owners caught him humping another male dog.

The 5-year-old dog is now looking for a new home, hopefully with a family who aren't so irrational. Applications are already flooding into Stanly County Animal Protective Services, reports WCCB TV.


Fezco now has a band of loyal internet fans, with one stating: "I want to adopt this gay dog."

Another hit the nail on the head: "Humans suck. Gay dogs are awesome."

This user woke up and chose violence: "I wish nothing but the WORST to his owners who dumped him. May they never find peace."


Others have seen the silver lining, realising that Fezco's life is only going to get better.

"The deranged owner gave this beautiful sweet dog a huge blessing by giving it up. Sounds like it would have been living with a nut," a fan wrote.


While dogs humping other dogs is widely considered natural behaviour, homosexuality in the animal kingdom has been identified in over 1,500 animals species.

Uniquely, female Japanese Macaques have been seen partnering with other female monkeys even when a male is showing interest. Such behaviour has also been seen in Penguins, which are also monogamous animals. Other animals to exhibit gay tendencies include dolphins, lions, elephants, giraffes, birds, frogs, and Orcas.

Basically, gay animals are more interesting.

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