A woman stops doing the dishes for two days to prove a point and, well.... wow 1 year ago

A woman stops doing the dishes for two days to prove a point and, well.... wow

We have no choice but to stan

Earlier this week, Twitter user Miss Potkin decided that enough was enough when it comes to housework.


"Two days ago, I decided to stop doing the dishes." she said on Twitter. "I make all the dinners and I am tired of having to do all the cleaning too. Since then, this pile has appeared and at some point they are going to run out of spoons and cups and plates. Who will blink first? Not me."


Miss Potkin documented the dirty dishes journey with her followers on Twitter. By day three, her family members resorted to some unusual means.

"They've used the last of the big bowls and they've run out of spoons," she wrote. "No one is saying anything about the big pile but I can hear their brains ticking. No, family, I will not be loading the dishwasher today."

Eventually, Miss Potkin enjoyed a small victory - the bins were taken out.


"We have movement!" she tweeted. "The bin is being emptied after 965 days."

Unfortunately, the progress was short-lived. Instead of actually cleaning the dishes, one of her family members used the baby's weaning spoon to make tea.

In one particularly harrowing tweet, Miss Potkin refers to the "sausage of death" - a pan in the cooker containing one lonely sausage. "It's been there for two days," she said. "I can't look at it because it's turned the colour of the man that washes up in Cast Away."


The entirety of Miss Potkin's thread is well worth a read. Fortunately, there appears to be some progress. Earlier today, she shared a snap of the dishwasher being loaded.

However, at the time of writing, that dishwasher hasn't actually been turned on, leaving Miss Potkin with the age-old question - should she just do it herself?

"It's killing me," she tweeted. "Knowing the dishwasher is full but just sitting there is KILLING ME."


In another tweet, Miss Potkin shared the reason she decided to stop cleaning up. "We do not 'live like this'," she wrote. "This is a lesson in wanting to be heard and respected and not having to repeat yourself when things slip."

She acknowledged that she mostly finds the situation funny rather than frustrating: "We're navigating the day-today in extraordinary times and for me, the past two days have been funnier than anything else. I think we're all entitled to run our own experiments, be amused, push a situation to its limit if we choose. No one needs to be lectured by those who have failed to see the silly joy in what's happening here."

Hear, hear Miss Potkin!