A group of inmates broke out of their cells to save a guard's life 5 years ago

A group of inmates broke out of their cells to save a guard's life

This comes as heartwarming news.

Between shows such as Prison Break and Orange is the New Black, life in prison is probably portrayed as something totally different on television compared to the stark reality it is inside.


One group of real life prisoners are getting fame of their own for saving a prison officer's life and the story is truly incredible.

In Parker County jail in Weatherford in the US, inmates were locked in their cell when suddenly their jailer slumped unconscious from a heart attack.

Their heroic endeavour was captured on the prison's CCTV camera, and footage has since been released.


According to WFAA, the eight men locked in their cell began shouting loudly for help, trying to alert someone that the jailer had fallen ill.

Even though they know they could be prosecuted, the prisoners managed to break out of their cell to raise the noise louder.



The men checked the guard's pulse finding that he wasn't breathing so they banged on walls and continued screaming to get attention.


One of the inmates, Nick Kelton, spoke of the risk they took to save the prison guard's life

"He just fell over, looked like an act. Could have died right there..." he said.

"We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us".


The quick-thinking inmates caused enough noise that the jailer's colleagues came down and performed CPR on the fallen jailer, saving his life.

The guard, who wished to remain anonymous, is said to be in improving health now and is expected to return to work in Parker County jail soon.


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