Some people who voted Leave are "shocked and worried" after Britain backs Brexit 5 years ago

Some people who voted Leave are "shocked and worried" after Britain backs Brexit

Stunned Brits are waking up to find some rather shocking news this morning.

The referendum to withdraw the United Kingdom from the European Union has passed by a margin of four points, and it seems that some are already regretting their decision.


In the immediate aftermath of the decision, the pound sterling crashed to its worst level in over three decades, causing Britain economy to shrink, allowing France to overtake the UK as the fifth largest economy in the world.

Many are realising that much of the rhetoric of the Remain side which was dismissed as fear-mongering actually had an actual grounding in reality.

One such voter appeared on the BBC's coverage of the results, and admitted that he was in fact "shocked and worried" that Leave - the side he had voted in favour of - had actually won Thursday's vote.


The man, named Adam, said he voted in favour of Leave in his local polling station in Manchester as a protest vote, but didn't expect his vote to actually count for much.

He wasn't the only person interviewed by the BBC in Manchester to say so...

In the end, the Leave side won by more than 1.25 million votes, and many are furious to discover that people who wanted to stay within the EU actually voted to leave it.


There was another "Adam from Manchester", but on ITV...