5-year-old finds crystal meth inside a capsule from a Kinder Surprise 5 years ago

5-year-old finds crystal meth inside a capsule from a Kinder Surprise

The best part about a Kinder Surprise is the toy you get in the inside.

The chocolate is, of course, delicious but it's all about the special capsule within.


One little boy, however, was opening the yellow container from inside the chocolate egg when he found something unexpected: stashed inside the product was a bag of crystal meth.

According to The DailyStar, the 5-year-old boy from Belfast found the capsule at the side of the road and was delighted because he was familiar with the packaging and knew it had come from a Kinder Surprise.

He opened it up and noticed a small bag with white powder in it. The family handed over the bag to the police and it was confirmed to be an illegal substance.

DUP councillor Alan Robinson said:

"On Sunday night I was contacted by a gentleman whose nephew had found a Kinder egg hidden in a hedge in the Edenmore Road area of Limavady. When the child opened the plastic section, hidden within was a small sealed plastic bag containing a white powder.

"Having passed the contents to the police the family have told me that they have informed them that it contained an illegal drug Mr Robinson said it was lucky the children did not swallow the contents of the Kinder egg."


He added:

"As a father of a child, I know how enticing Kinder eggs and their contents are to children. In this instance the children are to be commended for passing the contents to their parents.

"This weekend the Limavady community could have been learning about a tragedy and I therefore make a community appeal asking for vigilance. Our children are precious and they should not be exposed to such danger."