#AbolishTheMonarchy is trending after Harry and Meghan's explosive interview 1 year ago

#AbolishTheMonarchy is trending after Harry and Meghan's explosive interview

The interview is sending shockwaves through the UK, and it hasn't even been aired here yet

The hashtag #AbolishTheMonarchy began trending on Twitter on Monday after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's interview on US television with Oprah was televised.


The interview, which will air on ITV at 9pm this evening, has seen the couple speak at length on their relationship with the Royal Family, and in doing so have revealed a number of details not previously known to the public.

One such revelation was that an unnamed member of the family expressed "concerns" over how dark their son Archie's skin tone would be prior to his birth.

The interview, and the subsequent backlash against Harry and Meghan by supporters of the Royal Family within the media, have led to a chorus of calls to abolish what many people believe to be an institution which is, at its best, antiquated and at its worst, a malevolent force in British society and culture.


The calls originated from campaign group Republic, who tweeted about the monarchy being in its "worst crisis since the abdication in 1936", and saying "this rotten institution needs to go".

More than 20,000 tweets have now been sent using the hashtag, with some people suggesting Buckingham Palace be turned into something with a more practical use, and others taking issue with the Royal Family's very existence.



Other users also cited examples of what they perceived to be unfair treatment from the media towards Meghan Markle and Harry as another reason for the institution to go.