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24th Mar 2021

Boy caught driving Audi across motorway tells police he’s 43

Claudia McInerney

‘Not falling for that one’

A boy aged 17 was was caught by police after illegally driving an Audi A4 in Stockport, southeast Manchester, the Manchester Evening News reported.

When he was asked to pull over by police, he told them that he was 43. But, unsurprisingly, they were not fooled by the 17-year-old’s tale.

On Twitter, GMP Traffic said: “Stopped above the M60 motorway in Stockport by #XT41.

“Driver who was 17 tried to claim he was actually 43 years old. Nope not falling for that one, true details passed and he will be reported.”

They added that the vehicle had been seized.

Interesting tactic from the boy racer, who clearly got a bit too big for his boots. A 17-year-old may pass for 20, but 43 is pushing it.