O2 customers are being urged to donate their data outage compensation to the homeless 2 years ago

O2 customers are being urged to donate their data outage compensation to the homeless

Some customers have been offered only 87p in compensation

On Thursday, mobile network O2’s data services went down, leaving millions of customers unable to access their 4G.


On Saturday, the network contacted its customers who had been affected. They offered “two days of monthly airtime subscription charges by the end of January” for pay monthly customers, and 10% on a top-up for those on pay as you go.

The offer was not kindly received however, when some people quickly worked out that for those of the cheapest tariff of £13 a month, this would work out as just 87p compensation.

When put in those terms, it did not go down well particularly well with those who were unable to use their phones for nearly 24 hours.

There could be a silver lining, however. A campaign has sprung up online, encouraging the 87p to be donated to the homeless.


It has been estimated that 32 million customers were affected by the data outage. 87p isn’t much to most people, but if all of those offered the compensation were to donate, it would raise nearly £28 million for good causes.


O2 have been contacted for comment.

The problems caused by a software issue, and Lyca Mobile, Sky Mobile and Tesco Mobile customers also found themselves without 4G data, as those networks also use O2's services.

Normal service was resumed on Friday.


Telefonica UK CEO Mark Evans apologised to customers in a tweet.

"Yesterday's issue was restored in the early hours of this morning. I apologise again to our customers and from this afternoon we’ll be letting them know what we'll be doing to say sorry."