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07th Apr 2016

This one-take piano medley of 21 Kanye West songs is utterly beguiling

Nooruddean Choudry

What a wonderfully talented young man.

You can say what you like about Kanye West – and many do – but few can deny the rapper’s back catalogue is a truly sensational canon of work.

There’s a reason why he has an ego the size of Canada – it’s because he has the talent to match.

A 22-year-old pianist from Germany has brought West’s incredible discography into stunning focus with a brilliant tribute of his own. His name is Lukas and he goes by the pseudonym of ‘Young Piano’, which is apt seeing as that’s all he needs to bring a string of hits to life.

In all there are 21 songs from seven of Kanye’s albums in this 13-minute one-take rendition. He goes from Through the Wire from College Dropout, to Famous from The Life of Pablo, with all the classics in between. It’s a beguiling journey through the career of a hip-hop legend.

You can follow Young Piano here. We know we’ll be keeping an eye on his exploits just to see what he does next…

Clip via Young Piano