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28th May 2018

Snoop Dogg breaks record for world’s biggest glass of gin and juice

What a time to be alive

Wil Jones

What a time to be alive

Actor, rapper, reggae singer and occasional softcore porn mogul Snoop Dogg has recorded many, many bangers over the years. But arguably he has never topped “Gin & Juice”, the second single off his debut record Doggystyle.

Snoop might now be 46 years old, but age hasn’t slowed him down and he still parties like a first year university student.

This weekend, he appeared at the BottleRock Napa Valley festival. The Napa Valley is of course known for its wine, but Snoop turned up with alcohol more fitting to his style.

He brought out the world largest glass of gin and juice.

And yes that really is the world’s biggest – he even had a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records to prove it.

The certificate read:

The largest paradise cocktail was created by Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Michael Voltaggio, Kim Kaechele and Kendall Coleman (All USA) in Napa, California, USA on 26 May 2018.

Snoop was joined by fellow West Coast rap legend Warren G, and Michael Voltaggio from US cooking reaity show Top Chef, on the Williams Sonoma Culinary Stage to create the drink. Damn, you know you’re middle-aged when you’re appearing on the ‘Culinary Stage’.

For those of you who were wondering, the trio mixed up 550 litters of gin and juice, in a glass that was five feet tall and three feet wide, and used 180 bottles of Hendricks gin.