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26th Jun 2017

Michael Eavis appears to have given Oasis one big, Glastonbury-sized reason to re-form

Oasis appear to hold the key to Glastonbury 2018

Simon Lloyd

As things stand, there will be no Glastonbury next summer.

As things stand.

2018 is scheduled to be a fallow year, allowing the farmland and the nearby village a festival-free summer. It’s traditional for the site to be given a year off once in every six years, so it seems highly unlikely that the festival’s organisers will reverse this decision. Highly unlikely, but not impossible. Certainly not if Michael Eavis’ recent comments are anything to go by.

Speaking to the Guardian, Glastonbury’s founder spoke of his regret at the decision not to be hosting the festival in 2018, adding that he would be willing to go back on this decision if a certain band were to re-form.

“There’s one band I want to re-form – if they re-form, I’ll change my mind,” he admitted.

At this point, we should say that Eavis did not at any point reveal the name of the band, although he did make clear it wasn’t One Direction.

Despite this, many of those that have got wind of his comments seem to think they know exactly who he was referring to.

Even with the chance of postponing Glastonbury’s fallow year, recent events make it unlikely that Oasis will be reunited in time for next summer.

Liam Gallagher, whose surprise performance was one of the highlights of One Love Manchester concert a few weeks ago, has made little secret of his thoughts towards brother Noel after he decided not to appear at the event.

We’re not getting our hopes up.