Machine Gun Kelly releases new Binge EP featuring Eminem diss 3 years ago

Machine Gun Kelly releases new Binge EP featuring Eminem diss

Striking while the iron's hot, Machine Gun Kelly has released some new music

Fresh off of his lyrical back and forth with Eminem, Machine Gun Kelly has today released a new 9-track EP titled Binge.


His first project since 2017’s Bloom, his latest release includes tracks such as "SIGNS" featuring 24hrs, "LOCO", "NYLON", "GET THE BROOM", as well as the now infamous Eminem diss track "RAP DEVIL", on which MGK responds to the shots Eminem sent his way on "Not Alike".

In an interview with the Breakfast Club, Machine Gun Kelly thanked Eminem for igniting his passion for rapping again, which in turn inspired Binge and gave him an excuse to get his lyrical guns off and prove to people that he really can rap and is way more than his rock star persona may suggest.

Binge tracklist:

  2. "LOCO"
  3. "GTS"
  4. "RAP DEVIL"
  5. "NYLON"
  6. "LATELY"
  7. "SIGNS" (Feat. 24hrs)

If you've been living under a rock as of late, Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly have been going at each other on wax over the past three weeks and it's been music's number one trending topic.

Started back in 2012 when MGK tweeted that Em's daughter, Hailie Jade, was "hot as fuck", it wasn't until Em called the Cleveland spitter out three weeks ago on the song "Not Alike", taken from his new album Kamikaze, that the beef between the two rappers really got started.

Machine Gun Kelly, real name Colson Baker, who cites Eminem as one of his biggest influences, then unleashed an all-out balls-to-the-wall lyrical attack on Eminem with "Rap Devil", which now has 105 million views on YouTube.


11 days after MGK released "Rap Devil" Eminem released his counterpunch "Killshot", which recently became the largest debut of any Hip Hop record in the history of YouTube.

You can stream/listen to MGK's Binge below: