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28th Feb 2018

Liam Gallagher compares brother Noel to serial killer, says Paul Weller is ‘full of s**t’

As you were LG x

Oli Dugmore

And he explained the real reason for Oasis breaking up

Liam Gallagher has sensationally tweeted the reason for Oasis’ break up, as well as comparing his brother to serial killer Fred West and calling Paul Weller a plastic mod in a Twitter stream of consciousness James Joyce would be proud of.

Fred and Rosemary West were serial killers that committed multiple murders together in the 80s.

The onslaught comes after Noel’s wife, Sarah, waded into the brothers’ long running argument.

The 46-year-old told Liam to “drop dead” after the Mancunian rocker said he “didn’t care” if Sara, Noel, or his “fucking kid” (18 year old Anais) were abused on social media.

After rinsing her, Liam then claimed Sara was the reason a much-anticipated Oasis reunion hadn’t happened.

Liam recently revealed in an interview it’s been years since he and Noel had a civilised chat. “The last time I actually had a proper conversation with him was in 1998,” he said.

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