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25th Jun 2019

Loyle Carner took 13 young musicians under his wing before the performance of their lives

Kyle Picknell

Brought to you by Levi’s

“I do think there’s a music scene in Liverpool… I don’t think it’s dead, it’s just hidden”

Thirteen young people were given an opportunity to create, perform and be mentored by Mercury Prize-nominated artist Loyle Carner through this year’s Levi’s Music Project in Liverpool – a city with a historically unique relationship with music.

In the rapper’s own words, “the Levi’s Music Project is for everyone, it’s just about bringing music to the community.”

The developing artists were introduced to Carner in November in a specifically designed, fully equipped music studio at the Liverpool Lighthouse community centre in the heart of Anfield.

Sixth months later, thanks to the South London musician’s guidance, they were performing onstage at Liverpool Sound City – the UK’s leading independent festival, showcasing original compositions they had worked on over the course of the project.

Shot over the same period, the documentary follows the musicians as they create, collaborate and grow in the build-up to the performances of their lives, opening for Loyle Carner before his headline slot.

With up and coming artists from 22-year-old Scouse rapper That’s Juvey to Remeé, a 21-year-old electronic R&B singer, it was a hugely diverse setlist and one which, if the video is anything to go, went down a storm in Liverpool’s historic docklands.

Defining the simple motive at the heart of the Levi’s Music Project, Carner narrates: “I think music is essential. Creativity, as a whole, is essential. Make music. Make art. Paint. Rip things up and stick them back together in a different way. It’s an exciting time to be young. Giving young people a space and helping them understand their worth – that’s the important thing.”

The project is proof that beneath every community is a gold mine of creativity just waiting to be discovered. Beyond that, it also indicates where the music scene in Liverpool is going next. By working with local partner Liverpool Lighthouse, the music space featured in the documentary will be permanently open to the community, so there is even more to come.

Watch it for yourself below:

Find out more about Levi’s Music Project here