Kanye West's album moved again, Kim Kardashian says it's "worth the wait" 3 years ago

Kanye West's album moved again, Kim Kardashian says it's "worth the wait"

This is just getting ridiculous

It's not just the black community Kanye West is rubbing up the wrong way (with his endorsement of Donald Trump), he's now beginning to piss off his fans.


Last week the talented yet controversial artist informed the world that Yandhi,ย his new album, would arrive on Saturday.

Taking to Twitter to spread the news, he tweeted: "We're releasing Yandhi Saturday night."

Then going on to tell everyone that he knew the album would come in second to his "brother Lil Wayne", whose long awaited Tha Carter V album wasย finally released on Friday, he said, "The universe needs Ye and Wayne music at the same time."


Under the impression that Kanye would release Yandhi following his appearance on Saturday night's premiere episode of this season's Saturday Night Live, fans were left empty handed when no album came.

After two days of waiting for Yandhi, Kanye's fans were finally told to stop waiting after Ye's wife Kim Kardashian sent out a tweet informing the world that the album was being pushed back... again.

Tweeting: "Nov 23 Black Friday YANDHI TRUST ME it is worth the wait," followed by a series of emojis, Kim's tweet now means that fans have to wait at least another seven weeks before the album arrives.


So, why did Kanye turn around and decide not to release Yandhi this past weekend as originally planned?

Was it because he felt threatened by the quality of both Lil Wayne and Logic's new albums that were released on the same day, as part of the weekly release cycle?

Or, how about it just wasn't ready and he told us a bunch of lies?


Here's the biggest question: do we even care anymore?

Kanye West's new album Yandhi will arrive November 23rd... apparently.