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16th Oct 2020

Ice Cube under fire for working with the Trump campaign

The rapper has come under fire for working with Donald Trump’s re-election campaign.

On Tuesday, senior Trump advisor Katrina Pierson praised Ice Cube for “his willingness to step up and work with” the President on the rapper’s Contract With Black America campaign.

Ice Cube, who once rapped ‘Fuck tha police” and released a song in 2018 titled “Arrest the President,” has defended the move, saying his campaign is “bipartisan”.

Ice Cube confirmed that he had been approached by both Republicans and Democrats, and had found the Republicans more receptive. He went on to say that “Black progress is a bipartisan issue” and he was expecting to “talk to both sides of the aisle” with his campaign.

Despite this, the willingness to work with Donald Trump’s campaign has come under fire from many.

He responded directly to one fan who accused him of “working with the darkside” by saying that “Every side is the Darkside for us here in America.”


In 2018, Cube released a song titled “Arrest The President.”

The song includes the lyrics: “Arrest the president, you got the evidence. That n**** is Russian intelligence .”

In August 2016, before he was elected, the rapper also tweeted that he would “never endorse” Donald Trump.