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21st Jul 2023

Coldplay rumoured to be headlining Glastonbury after new tour dates revealed

Joseph Loftus

“Look at the stars, look how they shine for Youuuu.”

Good news Coldplay fans as there are huge reports coming through that Chris Martin and his band are in talks to headline next year’s Glastonbury.

The rumours of the possible set stem from the fact that Coldplay have a gap in their touring schedule while Glastonbury is on and they’ve certainly got a big enough fanbase (and hatebase) to bring the house down on the Pyramid Stage.

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Coldplay have announced two dates for Lyon in France in June 2024 but then they have no more dates in their calendar until July meaning that they are free through the festival.

Nothing has been announced just yet, but it’s certainly not implausible for a band of their size to be granted the number one spot.

Coldplay are also no strangers to Glastonbury having headlined four times already. Their first headline set was back in 2002 before they appeanred again in 2005, 2011, and 2016.

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But 2016 isn’t as recent as it sounds like to us old timers, meaning it will have been eight years since they last smashed it once June 2024 comes around.

The news comes after Taylor Swift was ruled out as next year’s headliner following her announcement of extra dates for her Eras tour.

Other bands who are tipped with taking the baton from Elton John and the Arctics include the Foo Fighters and Harry Styles.

Who would you like to take centre stage?