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27th Oct 2018

50 Cent takes pettiness to a whole new level after buying out Ja Rule concert

Kyle Picknell

Oh, Fiddy. Truly. We are not worthy

I’m a big fan of 50 Cent.

Not for the music, which has been consistently terrible after the admittedly excellent Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

Not for his acting, which, again, has been extremely wooden since his first film, the semi-autobiographical crime drama called, yep, also Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

And certainly not for his business ventures, which include simply releasing things called Get Rich or Die Tryin’ over and over again – the Broadway musical is coming soon – and investing in things like Glacéau, that weird vitamin water that you saw in Sainsbury’s for a brief period before it disappeared altogether.

No, that’s not why I still love 50 Cent. I still hold 50 Cent very close to my heart for one simple reason. The man is fucking hilarious.

For instance, do you remember this tweet? The greatest tweet ever tweeted?

Honestly: phenomenal. Just amazing on so many different levels. And the thing is, he might have just gone and topped it with this, an act of pettiness on a completely unprecedented scale.

Take a look.

That’s right. That is 50 Cent sat at a Ja Rule concert. 50 Cent, photoshopped into the middle of a sea of empty seats. 50 Cent, having bought 200 seats all in the front few rows so the concert would look empty, photoshopped in to appear as though he is sitting and enjoying said concert, amid all the lonely plastic chairs.

And then he uploaded it onto his Instagram.

In a bid to praise the show. The show he had ruined, at substantial cost, because he simply doesn’t like Ja Rule.

Commenting under the post, Fiddy explained, in appropriately childish fashion: “I just bought 200 seats in the front so they can be empty. LOL.”

Indeed, if you go back over his posts for the last few days, well, they tell their own story.

A band, I am reliably informed is $1000. The maths adds up. Let us continue.

Why is the picture of the seats upside down? I have no idea. Does it make it infinitely more amusing? Yes. Yes, actually. It does.

And finally, this.

Fantastic. *kisses the tips of my fingers like an Italian chef that just made some absolutely fucking exquisite tortellini*

Unfortunately, and I hate to tell you this dear reader, I am not as well-versed on 50 Cent’s many and various ‘beefs’ in the rap industry. But, fortunately, I have just the person who is.

According to our resident music guru, Will Lavin, the ill will originates as follows:

“50 and Ja’s beef dates back to the late 90s when Ja Rule was robbed of his chain at gunpoint in Queens, New York, where both rappers are from.

“The story goes that Ja Rule then saw 50 a couple of weeks later hanging with the culprit in a club, to which Ja has since denied, claiming that the bad blood spans from 50 being shunned by his Murder Inc. crew during the shooting of a music video for his single ‘Murda 4 Life’.

“Several altercations between 50 and Ja’s camps followed, including the infamous stabbing incident that saw 50 Cent receive multiple lacerations during a fight at the Hit Factory studios in New York, but the beef was really brought to the attention of the general public after 50 called Ja Rule out on an array of records – ‘Life’s on the Line’, ‘Wanksta’, ‘I Smell Pussy’- with the most famous being ‘Back Down’, taken from 50’s Diamond-selling 2003 album Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“On the Dr. Dre produced track that heard 50 give no fucks about his enemy, he hired comedian Alex Thomas to voice a gay character claiming to have had sexual liaisons with Ja Rule. This, combined with a series of skits on the G-Unit Radio mixtapes, was the nail in the coffin of Ja Rule’s once flourishing career.

“There are many beefs over the years that we thought would never get squashed but did – Diddy and The Lox, Chris Brown and Drake, Meek Mill and Drake, Fat Joe and 50 Cent, LL Cool J and Jamie Foxx, the list goes on – but there isn’t a chance in hell that 50 Cent and Ja Rule will ever put aside their differences, their hatred for one another will last forever.”

So there you have it. 50 Cent versus Ja Rule: the beef of a lifetime.