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27th Aug 2023

OnlyFans owner paid himself $1.3m a day last year

Callum Boyle


That doesn’t include his own salary he’s earned

OnlyFans owner Leonid Radvinsky has revealed that he earned around $1.3m a day last year.

The platform allows creators to make short-form content however it is best known for making adult entertainment videos and has seen some of it’s creators make eye-watering sums of money.

As part of the proceeds, 80 per cent of the revenue goes to the creator while OnlyFans keep the remaining 20 per cent. Although it doesn’t sound like much on paper, it was more than enough for Radvinsky, 41, to rake in $338m in dividends last year.

Initially founded by the Stokely family from Essex in 2016, OnlyFans has previously been praised by sex workers for allowing them to have a greater degree of control over their work but in recent times, has received criticism for promoting celebrities ahead of the smaller creators.

One sex worker, Abby, who used the platform for two years, told the New Statesman: “Celebrities already have such a big platform outside of OnlyFans, so when they do come to OnlyFans, they move to the top

“They take those spots away from hard-working sex workers who earned that spot and probably worked up from nothing.”

Last years financial reports revealed that OnlyFans reported profits of $525m.

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