You've been tying your shoelaces wrong your whole life (Video) 6 years ago

You've been tying your shoelaces wrong your whole life (Video)

Everything you thought you knew about the world has been turned on its head recently.

All those times you've been saying the word 'Nutella' - wrong. You've been pronouncing it all wrong.


That steaming cup of coffee you gulp down in a bleary-eyed state every morning to get your arse into gear - wrong. Totally wrong, again.

It turns out we've even been using bloody emojis wrong.

Now it appears that humanity is incapable of tying shoelaces in the correct manner too. There's literally no hope for mankind.


A chap called Professor Shoelace - or Ian Fieggen, as he's also known - shows there's a better way than the traditional 'bunny ears' or the 'loop and swoop' methods we were taught as kids.

The man has created the 'Ian Knot' - which seems to be the world's fastest method for tying shoelaces.

Blink and you miss it!



But luckily he slows down his high-speed new method for those of us who need a little more instruction...

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