You can now experience the weird Twitter bubble that Donald Trump lives in 3 years ago

You can now experience the weird Twitter bubble that Donald Trump lives in

No politician has ever been so well-known for their Twitterings than Donald Trump.

Apart from the time Jeremy Corbyn's Twitter was hacked and someone posted "davey cameron is a pie". That will live on in infamy.

Trump spends a lot of time on Twitter, more than the Leader of the Free World probably should.

He tweets hither, he tweets thither, frequently using the platform to defend himself, his cronies, the white supremacists who helped him to power, or to announce the next piece of horrifying legislation, such as transgender people not being allowed to serve in the military.

But it's not just a matter of what Trump tweets, it's a matter of what Trump sees through Twitter. The accounts he follows are public knowledge, and there's only 45 of them. Some of them are business related - the official accounts of his many hotels, resorts and golf courses. Others are family members. One is Piers Morgan.

The rest are primarily right wing commentators and pundits, mainly from Fox News, who all toot the Trump trumpet louder than anyone else. All of these voices combine to make a weird, self-serving bubble in which Trump lives, reads, consumes and regurgitates.

Phillip Bump of the Washington Post has created a special Twitter page, @trumps_feed, which shows everything that Trump is seeing when he logs in, to give you a sense of the place that POTUS keeps his head buried in.